Arkansas Scholars Program

Arkansas Scholars™ is a program that gives students good reasons to do well in high school. Students are asked to meet a set of criteria that will prepare them for both the workplace and additional education after high school. The program is centered on academic achievement for a broad range of students. Recognizing the importance of education is essential to the development of good citizens, a strong workforce, and independent, and competent adults in our community. Businesses have a responsibility to provide clear and understandable information about qualifications and expectations for those who apply for employment.

While the Arkansas Scholars program begins with the presentation to 8th graders, the largest responsibility of the Chamber of Commerce is keeping the students and the community aware of the program. As students progress from the 9th through the 12th grade, a variety of activities and motivational efforts are needed to remind students to stay with the Scholars program. Developing program awareness and accompanying student incentives is unique each community. Success requires energy, along with imagination by everyone involved in the program to develop attractive incentives for the students. Maumelle Area Chamber of Commerce Arkansas Scholars committee, along with teachers, counselors, and business leaders will be the best resource for developing these incentives.

The Arkansas Scholars™ program which encourages students to earn a grade of “C “or better on all semester graders during their high school experience, develop a good attendance pattern by being present for class at least 95% of the time, take the prescribed Arkansas Scholars curriculum (Smart Core), to stay in high school and graduate in eight (8) consecutive semesters. Leadership by business people and educators is the best means to encourage young people to achieve academically.

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