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Conceal to Carry

Conceal to Carry offers gun safety and personal safety training to enable an individual to acquire a Conceal to Carry permit.  David Prince, an 11 year Law Enforcement officer for the Little Rock Police Department offers his extensive training, background and experience to his clients.  In addition to teaching all State and Local Laws pertaining to Conceal to Carry, he also provides information and knowledge for personal safety and home protection with other weapons and self defense.  His goal is to provide the proper training to help people become more confident if confronted with a difficult situation that could warrant deadly force.  David is a certified Arkansas Concealed to Carry Instructor and a NRA Range Safety Officer.  He is also a very active member of the Maumelle Area Chamber of Commerce and believes that close community relationships is the key to being successful in the area and as a member.  For more information about Conceal to Carry please contact Officer David Prince at 501-400-3711 or 

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