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The Maumelle Area Chamber of Commerce is an action-oriented business organization formed to promote a favorable business climate for its membership and community, and to provide business leadership and economic and civic development.


Our mission is to grow, connect, unite and be advocates for local businesses through workforce development, business retention and expansion and educational opportunities.

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The Curse of Perfectionism: Why It Hinders Workplace Productivity

  • Perfectionism can be a hindrance to workplace productivity, as employees who focus too much on making things perfect waste time and miss deadlines.
  • The pursuit of perfection is driven by a fear of failure and can lead to negative personal consequences such as stress, burnout, and sickness.
  • Leaders can help their teams focus on meaningful work by setting clear expectations on individual projects and utilizing the 20:80 rule (Pareto Principle).
  • Leaders should also model behaviors of self-acceptance and share stories from times when they have failed.
  • Reducing the emphasis on perfectionism can improve employee performance, satisfaction, and overall wellbeing in the workplace.

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Perfectionism can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it can push individuals to strive for excellence and achieve great things. However, in a workplace setting, perfectionism can be the enemy of productivity. Employees who focus too much on making things perfect can waste time and miss deadlines, negatively impacting the operations of a business. Read on to learn how to spot perfectionism at work and how leaders can help their teams focus their best energy on their most meaningful work.

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Maumelle has a colorful and historical past that started long before it was developed as a “New Home Town Coming True.” Since its beginning, Maumelle has grown into an attractive community with businesses and industries, shopping centers, churches and schools.

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