The Maumelle Leadership Development Program identifies emerging leaders and professionals, and motivates them to become CHAMPIONS of our community. Every aspect of the program is designed to create a city with a strong economy that is stimulated by progressive leadership. The Amazing Maumelle Race Leadership Development will foster a commitment to a life of community service through leadership experiences. Participants will learn about local government, civic organizations, commerce, law enforcement, tourism, education and other resources so that graduates can be an effective contributor in the community.

Throughout the Amazing Maumelle Race participants will be introduced to a variety of opportunities for involvement. The goal is to help develop these experiences into leadership roles within the Chamber and the City of Maumelle. By taking a look at Maumelle's past, present and future the program will assess, plan and implement strategies to grow a thriving city. In addition, it will develop a favorable climate for commerce, strong knowledgeable leaders and a love for our community. The program kicks off in June and ends with graduation in January at the Annual Banquet. It will open with the Amazing Maumelle Race Launch Party. Participants will attend three more development sessions at various locations in the Fall. Our final meeting in November will include an interactive teambuilding adventure racing around the City of Maumelle. The Amazing Maumelle Race will require the skills and knowledge acquired throughout the program to complete the various tasks and Pit Stops along the route. Be the "First team to arrive" and win the grand prize! This program will make a positive impact in your career and the Maumelle Area.  This program will make a positive impact in your career and the Maumelle Area.

¨ Session Dates:

               Thursday, June 1st                   6:00pm                             Launch Party, meet the Racers

               Friday, September 22nd          8:00am-12:00pm              Maumelle's Workforce and Economic Development

               Friday, October 20th                8:00am-12:00pm             Education and Giving Back

               Friday, November 17th            8:00am-12:00pm             The Amazing Maumelle Race

               Thursday, January 25th           6:00pm Annual Banquet

             Attendance to all five sessions are required for graduation.